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What is the Sea Cadet Corps?


What are Sea Cadets?

Youth ages 13-18(if you are still in your senior year of
high school) or ages 10-12 for League Cadets, who wish to develop their interest and skill in basic seamanship and its naval adaptations. This program is designed to train them in sea going skills and to teach them courage, self-reliance, patriotism and similar virtues. Cadets train on shore and on ship certain activities designed by the Navy and Coast Guard and are authorized by the Secretary of Navy to wear Navy uniforms appropriately marked with the
Naval Sea Cadet Corps or Navy League Cadet Corps insignia.

I Have Other Activities. What is the Time Commitment?

Traditional drills take place one weekend per month. There
are occasional additional dates required and you will be notified well in advance of these dates. Because of the limited amount of time required we ask that you are present during as many (if not every) drill possible.

Advanced training “boot camps” are offered twice a year with
one week for League Cadets and two weeks for Sea Cadets. Advanced training is completely optional.

Please note that any cadet with habitual absences and that do not attend a minimum of 75% of drill and training days will be removed from the program.

Are There Advanced Training Opportunities Beyond Drill Instruction?

Yes. In addition to advanced training aboard naval vessels,
Sea Cadets may attend advanced orientation courses such as Airman Training, Aviation, JAG, STEM, Music Training, Seabee Indoctrination, SEAL Team Training, S.C.U.B.A., Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Field Medical, EMT, Honor Guard, Leadership Academy, plus many more all over the United States, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam.  Navy League Cadets may participate in one-week advanced training evolutions in subjects such as Leadership, Seamanship, Boating Safety and Aeronautics. 

What Do Sea Cadets Do?

Sea Cadets learn the military life style while training with
their units. Cadets participate in a program designed to instill a value system that will carry them through to a successful life. The Navy core values – Honor, Courage and Commitment – are the motto of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and the U.S. Navy.

Once a Cadet completes recruit training and the Basic
Military Requirements course, they are eligible to participate in many different training opportunities such as: Basic Airman Course, Advanced Airman Course, Medical Training Course, Seabee Training Course, Amphibious Boats School, FAA Ground School, Pilots School, Submarine Training, and a variety of International Exchanges

Individual unit training programs include: 

Military Drill, Military advancement and training courses through the U.S. Navy Education Program, Awards programs and Community Service Programs 

Will Sea Cadet Training Distract Me from School Work?

No. As a matter of fact most Sea and League Cadets develop a
heightened sense of focus and raise their overall grades.

Who Instructs Sea Cadets?

Instructors are made up of a combination of Naval/Military Personnel (active, retired, and/or reserve), Senior Cadets and adult volunteer leaders.

We look forward to meeting you and your family, and possibly welcoming you to our unit.

What are the Membership Requirements?

Check out the details on our national website Home . 

Is There a Cost to Join?

Yes. The enrollment fee which covers your cadet ID, yearly cadet insurance fees and parts of your uniforms/sea bag.  Payment plans are available.  After the initial enrollment, there is an annual re-enrollment fee on the anniversary date of joining.

Do I Provide My Own Uniform?

Surplus U.S. Navy uniforms are made available to the Naval
Sea Cadet Corps. These uniforms, in turn, are made available to cadets at a minimal cost for handling and shipping. Uniform needs that cannot be met through us can be purchased at Army/Navy Stores, Academy Sports, or Walmart.

Will I be required to join the Armed Forces If I Join Sea Cadets?

No. Sea Cadets are not required to join any part of military service. For those that do decide to enlist in the military, with prior Sea Cadet training they will be considered for entry at an advanced pay grade. Sea Cadet experience is looked upon favorably by ROTC selection boards and military service academies.

I am Ready to Join. What is My Next Step?

Go to our New Cadets page where you will be able
to fill out the forms required to join.

Our commanding officer will be in contact with you soon. We
will arrange a date/time to meet with you and your parents so that you can meet us and see for yourself what the NSCC is all about. This is the opportunity for us to interview you and for you and your parents to ask any additional questions you may have. This is the perfect time to decide if you are truly ready to tackle this adventure.